Monday, March 21, 2011

Simplicity 2403


I said I was going to sew this weekend and I did. But with varying levels of success. You wanna hear it? Here it goes....

Y'all know I was fiending for a new white dress for the Asiatic New year. Well..... I was gifted with Simplicity 2403 From Toy. I looked in the mini-stash and found some white eyelet. I have no idea why I had it. This is why I don't keep a true stash. Stuff gets lost. There is a white 2-piece dress that I often see that I often want. It reminds me of that dress. I wonder why I never made said dress before? there is a possibility that I meant to use it for curtains. It has a pretty bottom. Hmmm.... Any who.... Free fabric + free pattern = new white dress!

Now I don't have very many Simplicity patterns. I have a lot of McCalls and Vogue patterns. And for some reason I have a lot of Advanced patterns. Go figure. I'm not really sure how I fit Simplicity. I measured and was still confused. So I cut a 20 (the biggest size I could cut). It was too small across the chest. I have not mastered how to do a FBA on a princess seam. Soooooo...... I cut big, decreased the seam allowance from 5/8 to 1/4 and added thickness to the front panel where the buttons go. I am going to add 2 rows of buttons rather than the single breasted option. That will make it look more intentional. That still wasn't enough to get it to close. (Have I mentioned I have large breasts?) Also I will add a panel to the side seam. I learned to sew because of these same adjustments. This is taking me back to my adolescence.

I won't let this dress beat me. And I will post pics of the finished garment on me and on the hanger.

I refuse to have wadders!