Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet Zippy


I was at a friends home who sews last summer. She had just retired from her job and those of us who ride the bus with her wanted to pop in and see how she's doing. She knows I sew, so she wanted to show me her sewing room. It was amazing. There was so much to be in awe of. The arrangement of the room, her stash, how she organized her patterns. I was flabbergasted. My sewing room looks like a bomb hit it. Two things struck me as something I could achieve was her bedazzler and her electric scissors.

I had never seen electric scissors before. Ever. I didn't know they existed. I have been obsessed with them since I saw her pair.

I saw some incredibly inexpensive ones on I am not one of those people that like to go big when I'm not sure. The God purchased these scissors for me. I love them! But let me be specific...

It's battery operated. My friend's had a cord and a plug. I could tell it was an older model. It is not a pink cut. Just a flat one. That's mostly cool. I may have to process my edges a little better. I don't have a serger. And I noticed that it didn't really want to cut knit. But I don't sew a lot of knit so I'm thinking that probably won't be a problem. It cut through various levels of fabric with no problem. I had it up to 4 pieces of denim. It's also brand new. Lets see how it does in a few years. For $6 I can afford a new one every year.

I hate cutting the fabric. I dislike cutting patterns too, but at least I can do that in the bed while watching TV. Zippy made it quick and pleasant to cut the fabric out. I'm thinking I'll be able to do more sewing because of him.

The cuts aren't super precise. Sometimes I had to go in and cut intricate parts of patterns. But that isn't enough of a turnoff to get me to stop using him.

And this is a bonus.... The noise Zippy makes, scares my cat off. No more feline pulling down my fabric!!!!

All that's left is the bedazzler.....