Tuesday, December 6, 2011

M6394 - Epic FAIL

Peace Good People……

This weekend was Cray Cray! I worked all day on Friday; which I only do once a month. And I had a girls night out afterward. I finished my “Pam Grier: Friday Foster” skirt. I started a new class for girl babies on Saturday. More on that later in my “Serenity’s Cipher” blog. I attended a ghetto memorial service. Yes it was ghetto, but it was good ghetto. And I made M6394…. Out of all the things I did this weekend. M6394 sucked it, the hardest.

1st…. I need to accept that I lost weight. You see those people on “What Not to Wear” and they lose truck loads of weight yet still dress frumpy. I have always wondered why they do that. I would show off weight loss. But I ALWAYS cut the biggest size. I also measure, but always the biggest size. I learned with a that I don’t have to do that. But I’m always thinking bigger is better than smaller because I’ll be able to take it in. M6394 is not that dress.

2nd… I could only find 1 review of the dress. Not even on And the dress looked horrendous on the author of the blog. She freely admitted it as well. Sometimes we sewists make ugly clothes because of the fabric we choose. So I chose something reserved like cream/brown. I chose the brown for the sides because I thought it would be slimming.

3rd… There are like a bazillion pieces to this pattern. It took an entire evening to get everything cut out. (An entire evening for me is 2 hours. 2 hours from the time I get home, I’m in bed asleep. And that includes cooking dinner!) If I had to cut it out the old way, I would not have tried to sew it up the same day. But thanks to my new toys, I was able to get it all cut out before breakfast. After the breakfast dishes were in the washer, the clothes were in the washing machine and the God was parked in front of the TV for Sunday football, I adjourned to the “sweatshop” to have my personal time.

4th… Because of the 2 different colors, it required a lot of thread/bobbin changes. I wanted to do this right. So I was changing them out with each panel. I actually wanted to wear M6394 to the ghetto memorial service. I was on the program. But…. That didn’t happen.

It turned out too big. Way too big. I cut a 20 (the biggest size). I also cut a D-cup. I have big boobies. Really big. The bodice for a D-cup was waaaaaay to plunging. Who does plunging for the buxom anyway? More proof the pattern is flawed. I didn’t do a FBA because I was (a) using a D-cup and (b) I made the dress out of knit. I followed the directions to a tee. I had too. I kept the pattern pieces with the cut out pieces just to make sure I was using the right piece at the right time. The directions gave no information about properly finishing the wide neckline. I, also, lengthened it 3 inches. Glad I did that because it would have been too short. LOL! And I’m short! It’s not like I’m going to wear it anyway. I won’t even put it on because it looks indecent. It looks better on the hanger than it does on me. Maybe I should have made it in an 18? Maybe a different fabric? I don’t know.

I doubt I will adjust it since I KNOW I’m not going to wear it. Thankfully I used knits that where in my stash. I don’t keep a big stash. But I had 1.5 yards of brown and 1.5 yards of cream fabric. My “stash” is really, “I changed my mind” fabric.

So there you have it…. A wadder… a failure that I dedicated 6 hours to. I ain’t mad. Lesson learned. All those different pieces were a challenge to assemble; like a puzzle. But I did it.



Sheila said...

I learned that we Sewing Divas must at some point in time except failure... and learn from it and move on... but boy am I pissed when it does happen.