Thursday, February 2, 2012



For the last few months I have been contemplating “capsule wardrobes.” Those are small collections of clothes that can be mixed and matched in various ways. Now, I find myself moving. And the new house is a lot smaller than the old house (hey, it be’s like that!) and that especially means my closet. I now need a capsule wardrobe. The house is a lot older and doesn’t have a walk in closet. It does have a dressing area… and a window (o_O); but that area still isn’t big as my current walk-in. So….. I find that I have to do what I been meaning to do for a minute. Reduce my wardrobe.

The new closet hangs half the clothes the old one does. ***sigh*** It has one shelf above the rack. I have 3 shoe racks, a 3 tier box for lingerie, A bunch of hats in boxes, a bunch of headwraps, a free standing jewelry box and a trunk. I’m a be honest, the space I’m getting is not really enough to keep my stuff. I have 70+ purses that I am NOT parting with. Because I had a walk in closet I stored a lot of things in the closet and relinquished my claim on the furniture for storage. So now…..

This is what I have now.

This is what I'm getting.

This was fine when I was in college/grad school. But I'm a GROWN woman now. With a grown woman wardrobe!

The up side to the depletion is that like most women, I have clothes I never wear. My mother buys me suits every year for Christmas. I use them for interviews, funerals, etc. I don’t have the type of job that requires me to wear suits to work. But I recognize they come in handy and I know she paid a lot of money for them; so I will keep them. It’s only like 5 of them. Also I have white suits that aren’t included in the number. Now…. I don’t know about y’all, but I have the occasion at least once a season to wear an all white dress. So I will keep both suits since one is a summer white suit and looks fabulous on me and the other is a winter suit though not winter white. And I am in a sorority after all. Then suits will always get used.

It’s not the things hanging in my closet that worry me. It’s the things on top of the closet that do. I have a bunch of workout clothes that I don’t use, a bunch of t-shirts and just over all crap. Some how, some way, I will need to get it within myself to get rid of most of my beloveds.

So far, the plan is to hang the most used clothes in the tiny closet, get a rack for the rest of the clothes in the dressing area, and get a real dresser for the clothes that won’t have a place to live.

I need to do some REAL decreasing. There will be tears and gnashing of teeth. But once it’s out of the house and at Goodwill then I can’t get at it. Let’s hope that it goes smoothly and quickly. And think about all that good sewing I will have to do to replace the clothes…..

Wish me luck!



Sheila said...

You will make it work. I gave up a nice size closest for the small one in my sewing room, which required purging. In doing so I was forced to relinquish a hold on garments and accessories I barely wore or used.

Edris said...

We downsized a few years ago and I'm still complaining but life goes on. I have even less closet space than that. You'll get creativity with storage and purging is essential. Trust me - you'll feel so much lighter once it is gone.