Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Need Some Help Y'all!!!!!


I was watching "The Game" last night on BET. The Episode was called "Grand Opening, Grand Closing." Not to giving props to BET, because they play to EVERY damn stereotype they can find. I was paying attention to the 'Malik' character while he was hosting a party for his cousin T.T. at a club. He had on a gray jacket. Now I have been trying to find that image online to no avail. But I know y'all out there in the virtual world have my back. I need to find a pattern that approximates the same jacket. Since I can't show it to you, I will show you a version....

I can't use this pattern. It's OOP.

This is very similar but no cigar. Malik's collar was rounded and shorter, the jacket was a button down and the bottom was more like views B and C. And how do you do the bottom part of those versions anyway? Will I have to buy a Members Only jacket from a thrift store and cut off the bottom to add it to my version or can you buy that?

The God said that he absolutely wear clothes that I made for him as long as they were 'manly'. I'm a little excited about this opportunity.

So I'm requesting aid from all 10 of y'all that might possible read this. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!



Shawnta said...

I can't help with a dupe but you can usually find some ribbed knit cuff fabric at Joanns. Colors might be really limited though so here are some online links that look promising.
Online places.