Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making it up....

Peace Y’all.

Here is some pics of me… be kind… before and after.

I’m a bit of a bobble head; meaning my head is larger than other people’s head that are my height. I can tell when I buy hats. I have to wedge the hat against my forehead. And it’s not my locs either. My hair is not super thick and I had the same problem when I was permed. I just have a big head. It’s cool. That means I can carry more weight without looking disgusting….

The foundation I use is a 2 product system Bare Minerals ($27/product). Avon makes a cheaper option ($8-12/product) that makes you look a little more made up. I don’t know why it works like that. Neither one breaks me out…. yet. I use the Original powder in the dark shade. I use medium dark when I tan in the summer. I like it. I can sweat and not break out. It allows my face to breathe. And it works it way off my face by bedtime.

This is with absolutely no makeup. A clean face…

This is with just the bare minerals.

I don’t put the both of the Bare Minerals all over. I use the brown powder just on my eyes (because of circles) and nose (because it tends to be different colors and I don’t know why)

And this is me with mascara, lip liner and gloss. I tend to use lighter gloss but it didn’t’ show up in the picture. This is my day face. I strive to look like me so I don’t scare people when I don’t have anything on. Including me.

When I want more, I will line my eyes. I haven’t found a blush doesn’t break me out yet and doesn’t make me look like a corpse. I stay away from anything metallic or glittery. I am so naturally ashy that glitter makes me look ashier. The painful bumps I get when blush breaks me out is not cute. And they don’t go right away. And they have the audacity to scar. No. I can wait. I saw some hypo allergic stuff in the health food store but they look like a dead woman’s makeup. I ain’t going there.

That’s not so bad. A near natural face to keep my boss happy. I’m expecting a raise on my next review….



Sheila said...

Looking good. I love makeup, it just adds a polished looked to a face.