Monday, April 1, 2013

Start the Month Out Right


This is a quickie…

What Constitutes good grooming in Serenity’s book?

Good Bag
Good Wrap
Appropriate Makeup
Appropriate Jewelry
Polished Shoes
Nails Done: Fingers and Toes
Wrinkle-Free Clothes
Reduction in Ashiness
And all thing flattering… even if it requires shapewear

A lot of this I already do. I match my wraps to my outfits, I keep my bags in good condition and my fingernails are ALWAYS done. But the other categories is where I tend to drop the ball.

I don’t even know how to polish shoes. But I’m gonna learn this month!

Ashiness is a problem that has plagued this Knowledge seed since conception. I am never not ashy. I have made New Year’s resolutions to be less ashy. I carry all manner of lotions and potions with me. Nothing works for any length of time. Vaseline comes close. It’s not just a visual problem. My dry skin HURTS! I have tried everything including Rx products. I have given up. I just cream up the exposed parts.

I hate shape wear! You have my mother to blame for that. It’s one of the things she insisted that I wear as a teenager. I couldn’t leave the house without at least some lycra on. And why? I wasn’t fat as a teen, I didn’t have a big jiggly ass or rolls. She was like proper women wear girdles. I learned to loathe them. And they are one of things I refuse to wear. Do you know I was the only chick in PE with a long line bra? But…. Things are different now. I recognize that I could benefit from some shape wear. So I got a light version. I ain’t fooling nobody with the girdles. They know it’s there.

I don’t wear certain articles of clothing. So I can’t wear all kinds of shape wear. A waist cincher will cut down, not erase the back fat and the tummy. I have tummy because I have outside fibroids. Big ones. I have backfat because I’m cursed by white Jesus. The lower parts will smooth the hips and shape the behind. And since I don’t wear short skirts I can wear one down to my knees. I never realized how expensive they are. Look my store bought item!

My finger nails are always done. I stopped doing my toes because of running. But it makes me ashamed to wear open toe shoes. But I mostly have open toed summer shoes so I am going to have to remedy that.

I suppose my big thing is ironing my clothes. I swear I hate ironing. That coupled with my sewing room is 2 floors below my bedroom and closet means…. I ain’t ironing. And ironing a week in advance won’t work because I change my mind often. So to rectify the situation, I got a steamer. Clothes not crisp but not wrinkled either. Who says I can’t have 2 irons and ironing boards? That’s stepping in tall cotton!

This ain’t no April Fool’s joke. Happy April y’all