Tuesday, January 20, 2015



Did y'all enjoy your long weekends??? Yesterday was supposed to be a Day of service.... Really? The only day commemorating the martyred birth of a Black man is a day where Blacks folks are supposed to work for free??? Do the Irish work for free on St. Patrick's Day? The Mexicans on Cinco de mayo? Do the Colombians have a day of service on Columbus Day? IJS..... My goal for the King weekend was to make 4 dresses for myself... And I did!!!!! shall we?

M6713 is a faux wrap dress. Wrap dresses are perennially in style and part of my transitional wardrobe. The sleeves are short which is indicative of warm weather but the color is darker which is indicative of cool weather. I can always wear it with a sweater and boots ans well as alone with sandals. I guess I've made the transition from sewing what I want when I want to actually thinking about what is most useful for me. I respect the maturity as well as mourn the impetuous spontaneity.

After making a muslin I new I needed to do a fba. I was hoping I wouldn't need one because it's a plus sized pattern. No such luck. So I opened up the front 3” and the back 2”. the fba was so successful I don't need a pin to keep the dress closed! I didn't open up the skirt at all. I assumed that the top would blouse some against the skirt and I would be okay with that. It kind of happened... Kind of didn't. I guess it wasn't a significant enough of a change to see. I'm still okay with it.

The thing I did wrong was to cut one of the top pieces incorrectly. And do you know.... I felt like I was making a mistake when I was cutting it but just couldn't put my finger on what I was doing wrong. The fabric is different... significantly different... on the back vs. the front. So I had to re-cut. I didn't quite have enough fabric to cover said mistake (I bought the fabric last year) so the flouncy detail of the skirt was supposed to be double- sided... is not. I don't think it's super noticeable.

Also the flouncey thing... just doesn't seem attached right to me. I attached it how the directions said to do. Is just seems weird to me. Otherwise... I'm very satisfied with this dress. I adore the color! It's not red. I've quit red. It's.... raspberry....

Pattern: Misses' /Women's Dresses Version C

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the envelope?:

Were the instructions easy to follow?:
Yes. I did read the directions. The flip thing was confusing for me. And I don't really like how it attaches. It just seems super weird to me. If I make this dress again, I'm changing that

How long did it take from start to finish?:
About 4 hours

What did you like/dislike about the pattern?
I don't do shoulder pads.

Fabric used?:
ITY knit

Pattern alterations or design changes made?:
FBA of course, and lengthened it about 3” on the skirt and 1.5” on the top. 3/4th requires my dresses to go past my knees.

Would you sew it again?:
Maybe. A Solid maybe. I can see that this is a wardrobe builder.

Would you recommend it to others?:
Yes. Especially if you have normal sized breasts.

A woman I don't know, who works in the hospital looked at me this morning and said I always look so nice. We are besties now. So I think this dress is a winner!!!!