Monday, January 5, 2015

My Only sewing resolution


Ever since making a scrub jacket for my last client, I have been getting inquiries on some other custom scrub garments. Unfortunately I can't make them more cheaply than they can be bought. The fabric alone is more expensive than store bought. So I suppose I'm not quitting my day job to become a scrub seamstress. Though some ushers have inquired about my services. Apparently usher whites, which used to be scrub dresses, are harder to find these days. One of my new Years resolutions is to make 8 scrubs/uniforms for myself.

I work in health care, but I am front office right now and don't have to wear scrubs. I don't even like wearing scrubs because they make me look sloppy. I'm short, have wide hips and huge breasts. For a top and bottom to fit me in those areas I will look a mess. I already know this because in previous jobs where I had to wear them, I looked a mess. I looked like I was playing dress up in my mothers clothes. Also, last time I wore scrubs, I gained 30lbs without realizing. Everything is so adjustable. And you go to work and come home and put on “in the house” clothes. You never notice. Regular non-scrub clothes keep you honest! Lastly, I don't wear pants. I know skirted scrubs are doable but hard to find. But there are 2 reasons that making 8 sets has made it to the resolution list....

(1)I am still studying to be a midwife. I want to have some laying around. I can't see how I'd get passed that. And (2) My evil coworker here at the front desk has been whispering to the boss... REPEATEDLY... to allow her to wear scrubs. She claims she doesn't have the clothes I do. But instead of plumping her wardrobe she would rather mine go stale and wear scrubs. For some reason she has his ear. The boss told her that SHE could wear whatever she wanted. And she said, “No, not if –my name-- isn't going to wear them.” At this point she is just being a bitch. He knows that I'm in school and has even asked me what I wear there. That is an odd question is it not? I told him since I'm an apprentice I just watch so I don't have to wear anything special.

I'm a seamstress!!!!! I will be making my own scrubs that fit my body and make me look amazing! Oh yeah.... there aren't really any patterns for what I am looking for. Everything is pretty unisexual. Unisexual isn't my thing. Unisexual is the 1st step to sloppy. I have NL6634 that covers a wrap dress, a top, a cap and some pants. The dress has a tie for the back..... e_e.... Have I told you how much I hate ties??? It screams “fat girl”. And that too screams sloppy. I have compiled a list of what characteristics scrubs should have...

These garments should be simple and sanitary
Loose fitting, composed of 1-2 pieces
Designed to prevent spread of infection
Protects employees from body fluids and/or chemicals
Covers up the lady parts and not be suggestive
Durable: stands up to frequent washing
Professional yet casual and comfortable
Should be highly breathable
Tops tend to be short sleeved unless it is a jacket
Scrub pattern needs to match environment that one works
Cotton poly blend
Lots of pockets

So as long as my garments have these characteristics, I should be okay. Here is the thing.... Scrubs, for the most part, are made of woven fabric and doesn't have zippers and the like on the tops. That's going to be hard for me and my breasts. I could make a tunic of sorts... but I personally think tunics look sloppy on me. I'm just going yo have to find a way to use some sort of fastener in my tops. Or possible use those knit t-shirts that give me uni-boob. I'm not really worried about the skirts. I can put zippers in those. BUT... I'm going to try to stay true to the genre and use elastic. As a midwife I'll be doing a lot of squirming. I don't want to possibly be uncomfortable.

If I have to wear them in the office, I will ONLY wear a doctor's coat over them for warmth. I'm a doctor even though I'm not practicing. And since I now embroider, I will put that on my coat too. That will super piss my evil coworkers off. That's an extra bit of icing.... I think I will embroider my righteous name on the scrubs as well. I'm not one of these people who think that folks must have name tags on at all times. Actually it's stupid. But my boss knows I have this alternative name and uses it sometimes.

So that is my sewing resolution. I kind of want to focus afterward on making transition clothes but I have all year for that.



Faye Lewis said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the patterns you use to create your new scrubs. Happy sewing in 2015!