Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Missing Mojo


I've been swing a lot. But not for me. For clients. The last garment I made for myself was Easter... and I don't like it really. I wasn't inspired and I only made it because it's a tradition. I'm still dieting and my body hasn't worked out it's kinks yet. Even for my class reunion, I couldn't muster up the mojo to make something. I just bought a dress. I know... Shameful!

And sewing for clients is a bit joyless. In my community... there is a need for seamstresses. A lot of the garments that folks require for their spiritual work, you're not going to find it in the stores. So I will always have a client base. But the clients.... They never know what they want and some of their expectations are unreasonable. And the alterations.... I HATE alterations. I altered a garment for a young man that took me 3 hours!!!! I could have made that entire garment in an hour. People don't get that. What I don't understand is why you would have a garment made in Africa to be worn here and you aren't in Africa. I guess it's a status thing. They bring me these ill fitting garments with no extra fabric (the Africans didn't send the remnants) but want me to fix it? Why not just let me have the fabric from the start? That feels a bit insulting. And when I do get a client that wants me to create their garment... They insist on the remnants back. I don't mind, but the way they demand them is ill.

I don't know what this is. I think I've evened out over my mom's death. I'm not stressed out over relationships or money. I feel strong. IDK whats going on. Bloggers make me feel so guilty because y'all cranking out dresses all day every day!

I'm hoping this passes. After I finish up a few more client jobs, I'm taking my baby to be serviced.