Thursday, October 28, 2010

More on the Mojo

The reason I'm updating this so soon is because I won't be at work again until November 1st. It's unlikely I'll update over the weekend. Especially this one. It's a rally weekend.

I did 2 things last night that I hoped would restore my mojo. I cleaned and rearranged my sewing room (I'm counting that as 1 thing). And I put in a stereo. It really helped. Maybe I changed the feng shui.

My dream for my sewing room is to one day become a nursery. A lot of the items in there currently, will be used for a nursey should that ever happen. The cabinet where I keep my stash will hopefully one day be painted white and decoupaged for use as a baby's wardrobe. The location of my notions, will with luck one day be a dedicated changing table. And the table that is currently supporting the stereo and patterns will become a side table to go next to the rocking chair I don't own yet because I am not yet pregnant.

Ever since I bought the house with my late 1st husband that was the plan for that room. It became a sewing room by default. He didn't care for the messiness of sewing so close to the front door. The plan was put on hold when he returned to the essence, and ressurected with my current God. We shall see. If and when I need to move all my sewing stuff out, the downstairs office will receive a new door (messiness again) and a new desk for my passion. I have already begun tricking the closet out to support my stash. I don't want to completey finish it because I don't want to start loading it up or have to de-assemble it should the bundle never arrive. I will be 40, 2 weeks from yesterday.

I forced myself to work on the God's robe. I pulled out the ugly contrasting trim. The fabric doesn't even match the fabric of the robe. It's jersey knit! Only to find that there isn't enough fabric for a contrasting belt! I ain't buying no more. I pulled some remnants from the making of the robe and cut up an old black t-shirt. Between the remnents and the shirt, the belt will get finished. I'm not even sure the belt will be looped on the outside. I'm putting a large Universal flag on the back of the robe that shouldn't be disturbed by a belt. I might put the loops on the inside of the robe and have them emerge from the sides. We'll see.

I cut out the shapes for the Universal for both the robe and the jacket. I did not cut the rays for the jacket or the star for either. Stars are hard and I started working late. Once the room became more user friendly, I went in there and began the process of piecing parts together. All the rays for the robe are together and the sun has it's crescent moon and 7-pointed 7. So far so good, although I am not crazy about the color of the gold thread. It didn't match exactly. When I do my jacket, I will try clear thread and see what that looks like. Another thing I noticed was that the cream fabric is relatively sheer. The rays are gold and black. If I don't do something, they will be seen through the Universal. Now you may say, "Big deal, it's a robe." I said the same thing, but I wouldn't want any thing I was wearing to look half assed. So I will line it with something. Initially I thought white, but now I'm thinking something darker, like black or brown. That will totally hide the base of the rays, give the cream more warmth and make the crescent moon pop a little more. Again, we'll see.

See why I said the addition of the stereo helped? I stayed in that room longer than I would have normally. I worked until midnight and I have to get up at 5:30 am. Yeah I'm tired, but it's a good tired. One laced with accomplishments. I have a small TV that would be nice in there, but it's an old TV and I'd have to bust out my coverter box to get infomercials. Cable and satellite has us by the balls, do they not? TV is supposed to be free. I usually watch videos on my laptop, but I have seen all the ones I have and The God's movies are scary. Plus, since he can 'acquire' movies, there is no need to continue my relationship with my bootlegger. So there is just the music. And so far so good.

Hopefully tonight I will finish the robe and the jacket before Sunday. Project Runway finale come on this evening. Making me wish there was a TV in the sewing room. (Go Andy or Mondo!) There may be sewing before and/or after. And I am off tomorrow....

When I finish (notice I didn't say, If I finish) I will take a pic of both garments and post them. I probably could do that before the weekend is out... maybe. I'm not saying I found my mojo. I'm just saying I think I know where it migh be hiding.