Saturday, April 2, 2011

And Sew it begins.....


I am really excited to be part of this sew-a-long! It's my 1st. And I am in desperate need of blouses. I am in the process of redoing my summer wardrobe in order to make it more 'seasonal.' I live in GA now(originally from NJ) and I don't need a severely different wardrobe from winter to summer. Also I'm getting older and blouses will make my wardrobe look more age-appropriate.

I wanted to get started yesterday and sew all weekend... Yeah, that was the plan. But I live with a man. And the man is sloppy. Like so many female partners in committed relationships I feel guilty when I chase my passions at the expense of my household. Apparently the man doesn't feel the same way. His passion is sports and food and he is indulging himself. So... After a morning of drama and forced housework on both our parts I am ready to get down to business!!!!

Meet the fabrics......

I really love the floral print. Hancock's only had a little less than 2 yards so that is out of the question. The blue is an old denim wrap skirt that has cute embroidery on a corner of it. I have been meaning to make a blouse out of it for the longest. This is a good opportunity. And do you believe that I don't have a white blouse? I don't, but I should. And now I will.

Meet the patterns.......

I know these are dress patterns, but I didn't like anything I've seen lately and the blouse patterns I do like I don't trust then to look good on me. See why I don't have many blouses? And I know there are only 2 and I have 3 different fabric. I haven't picked the 3rd pattern. But I want to get started.
So.... Wish me luck!