Monday, September 12, 2011



You what you need to get your mojo back? Finished projects! Yes I accomplished a LOT this weekend. A lot. I finished B5464 and S2696. I found the denim for B5569 on the super low low ($20 for 5 yards!). And I found other discounted fabric for other projects.

I forgot that next month is the Allah’s Garden Chapter of Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths (I know a long name, from now on AG:NGE) and I plan on doing some vending. Which means I need to make some time to tighten up my inventory. I usually vend crowns and headwraps. I’m going to add on bags too. That’s new. Always trying to improve. I have some crowns made but they are yarn. Yarn is a bit warm. I’m going to get some pre-made beanies and add on to them. 5 Black, 5 gold and 5 white. That will be new for me. Lets see how they sell… I say all this to say my sewing this month will be abbreviated. But still here.

I’m wearing B5464 so lets get that blogged shall we?

Pattern: B5464

Description: Ladies Blouse

Size: I cut a 20

Did it look like the pattern envelope when you were done sewing it? Yes

Fabric: Cotton – Pink, on sale at Hobby Lobby for $2.75

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
My issues with the pattern were totally my own fault. I didn’t do a FBA. That was pure laziness on my part. But it does close… It just pulls. I love the buttons I chose. But I made the button holes too big. That can be fixed. I adore pink and I adore ruffles. And the ruffles are so big they hide the problems. So, other than those 2 snafus, I’d say I love it.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made? None. But I should have done a FBA. I know the next time.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes I would. I’m keeping this. I already want one in yellow for next summer.

Tomorrow I plan on wearing S2696. And I will blog it then. Simply because I don’t have a picture of it yet. I also have a Vogue blouse cut. I am really moving forward on all this. And I’m geeked!



Sheila said...

Pretty blouse and glad your mojo is in full effect.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Thank you Sheila!

Shawnta said...

Very cute! I want to make that pattern with the flutter sleeves soon.