Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Positive Haters


Some things may seem like complete common sense, but I have learned that common sense is not common. I have also learned that Bloggers must put up blogs just for the glory they receive from said activity. This blog is not like that. If I post something that is incorrect, tell me… PUBLICLY!

I know that as owner of this blog, I could go out like a punk and delete your comments, or put you on blast. But I won’t. That’s uncivilized and I am a civilized person. So if I write something jenky or post a pic of something butt ugly, please fee free to tell me. I won’t get upset.

I think it’s a disservice for people to go through the energy of posting something and the only comments they get are cheers and back pats. It’s not fair to the owners and it’s not fair to the readers. As an owner, if any of you have any information/knowledge that you want to pass on that will benefit me in anyway, PLEASE DO SO. I’d hate to miss out on something. Also, I love to hear what you have to say. Inexperienced readers may look at something that is getting a bunch of shine on your blog and think that your way is the only right and exact way to cee or do something.

As a reader I have felt uncomfortable reading some pure fuckery and no one says boo about it. I have actually unsubscribed to blogs where this happens on a regular; but after I make my peace. Then when I go back and check after unsubscribing, I notice the comment has been deleted. On one blog, the owner asked a question and I gave my honest opinion. I went out of my way to NOT be mean, but did plainly state facts. I got put on blast! And that’s why I call it hate. It wasn’t the owner who went off, it was her followers. And there is a difference between followers and readers. I wouldn’t insult y’all by calling y’all followers. It’s still hate. By denying someone the truth and giving them nothing but sweetness and happy comments is positive hating. The owners will think they are walking on water when in reality they are wading in isht.

Don’t do that to me. Give me the real. And as long as you aren’t selling something or being wholly disrespectful, I won’t block it.



Shawnta said...

I know I fall in the category of "if I can't say anything nice don't say anything at all". Being such a newbie to sewing I guess I don't feel confident enough in my opinions to be vocal in a sea praise. I usually just hit the back button and leave lol. Also for me there is so much blogged about that I don't like so I'm cautious weather my opinion is because I don't like the whole damn thing. Like all the vintage sewing...that ish is not for a modern body period. No matter how much you grade and size a 30's thru 60's pattern just doesn't look right in my opinion. It also makes the person look old and costumey. But I don't say anything if they ask opinions cause I know I will not be objective.
I have seen what you referring to many times though. One person gives an opinion different than the usual kissing butt and everyone jumps on that person and calls them negative. I don't understand it, it's like certain people are like gospel to some readers I guess. 99.9% of the time the blogger respects the opinion but takes the comments down so that things can remain peaceful. I definitely see that it is not a good thing to hold your tongue or fingers but it's crazy that the lynch mob will come after you if you don't.
Ok I'm writing a book here!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Indeed! I have asked myself why some folks wonder why they don't have a job but they dress like they just made a quantum leap. Also some of the kitchy fabric choices have me curious about their predilections.

I'm not trying to be traditional hater, and I'm not trying to get folks to acquiesce to my taste.

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