Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Old People Style

Peace Good People!

I see y’all… With your fall mojo running. And mine is running too. Just in neutral. I can’t seem to want to do anything when I get home from work other than cook dinner (that man needs to learn) and sit on the sofa. ***sigh***


This morning found me opening the trunk. Yes, I have a new fangled house with a walk-in closet… But I still do the old school of moving my summer/winter clothes back and forth. I wasn’t prepared for fall to be here so quickly. I thought I still had at least a month to ease into season swapping. Apparently not. I drove to work with the heat on this morning. I need to be cute in an adult way. I keep saying that. I need to MAKE it happen rather than just keep talking about it. I am a big proponent of age-appropriateness. My wardrobe is not so bad, but I notice when I go somewhere, I don’t have that easy sophisticatedness. I look like I’m trying or that I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. And I truly need to get it together. And I’m going to. At my age hoodies look like I’m trying to be young. I will myself to figure out my own personal old people style and rock it hardcore. Yes, I’m old people.

I have come up with what I hope will be a S.W.A.P. for me. Still using my pattern plans from a previous post. Follow me now…. My plan is to fill the gaps of my current wardrobe to reflect my new old person style. So here are my haves and needs in various categories….
Black (2)

Black B&C
Brown C
Mustard C
Red C*
Brown B*
Red B

BLOUSES (seasonless)

Black Flats
Brown Flats
Black riding boots (Bornday Gift from Mommie!!!!)

At my age, I need to come down off the stilettos. It’s tearing up my uterus. And I ain’t done with it yet. And I need to take some shoes to the shop to be polished and repaired.

In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t wear pants. Long story. And it’s here somewhere… I think. Let me know if it isn’t. I tell y’all all my business. There are still dresses that will be made. I just don’t have a clear thought of what I need outside a LBD. And I have a pattern that I want to use already.

The asterisk means I do not have the fabric for these garments. This past weekend, I took advantage of Hancock’s sale and hooked myself up! I have patterns for days. I’m at the point where I don’t buy nearly as many as I used to. I finally have a good pattern stash. As you can see, I’m good for most things on the list. I do need to get some denim for my fall coat. But $12.99/yard and needing 5 yards… is holding me back. They had this really nice denim but it was light. Like a blouse. I wanted that denim, but I don’t want to line my jacket. Me and linings aren’t good friends yet. I’m waiting on Sheila to give a tutorial…. They had heavier denim but it wasn’t classy enough. I envision my old people style to be classy. I have a hood back up store. I’m a stalk them and see what they have. Their prices are usually very low, but so is their quality. And they have mystery fabrics…. But denim is denim…. right? And I haven’t decided what color the coat stitching should be…. I’m leaning on pink and green, but I should be over that. I don’t want to be an old sorror, still wearing too much para. Haven't quite figured how that fits into my old people style.

Now I need to figure out how to post the color palates for the Collete challenge. Shawnta?

Please help!!!!



Sheila said...

You SWAP is looking good and like you said its just a matter of filling in the gaps.

As for lining a jacket, I followed Palmer/pletches dvd on lining a jacket... here is the link:

Looking forward to your SWAP

Shawnta said...

You rang? Lol
Do you need help with doing the palette with colorluvers(whatever its called) or getting all the patterns on one board? For the patterns what I would do is copy them all or pin it to polyvore. That way you can move them around like you want. The palette is not pinable so I downloaded it to the computer and then uploaded it to Flickr to be able to put it on the Colette message board. I didn't try putting the palette on pinterest then putting it on polyvore so it can be with the patterns.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Huh? What?

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Thank you Sheila. I knew I could count on you!!!!

And you too Shawnta.

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