Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good Morning People!

I said that a lot cheerier than I feel. I was up late fooling with the house and food for tomorrow because even though I live with a grown man, that is women's work! But I am writing this from my non at home work so you gotta love the logic. Anywho.......

2 week ago was my Born Day. Yay!!!!! And what I asked for was a self healing mat, a rotary blade, a blade sharpener and one of those acrylic things to hold them down. Yes, I'm sleep deprived. The God was kind enough to buy them for me.

Let me tell you something. This addition has energized my sewing. I love sewing. Not so much cutting the fabric out. I have moved from cutting on the floor to cutting on a table to now cutting with my new apparatus. It is making all the difference in the world. The efficacy of cutting the old way would take so long, the scissors depended on how sharp the were. I would just be like, it's not worth it. But now.... I have sewn more in 2 weeks than I did all summer. I can cut a Vogue pattern in 30 minutes while watching TV. I adore my new team of toys.

Yay! Bootzey!!!!! Yay!!!!!


PS.. My cat saw me whip out the camera and insisted that he be in the picture.


Sheila said...

The self-healing mat is the next best thing to cornbread, it makes sewing life so much easier.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Mmmmmm...... Cornbread..... I just can't wait for tomorrow. I will be doing a lot of 'tasting' this evening as people start coming in

Leigh said...

Cat approved, LOL. We used to have a black cat, and he was quite the camera hog. I could always count on him to pose! Congrats on the new tools. I know you'll put them to good use. :)