Monday, November 28, 2011

You ain't NUDE!!!!!

Peace Y’all,

It’s time build on one of my pet peeves. It’s a trend that is mad popular right now. NUDE. I suppose this is a PSA making knowledge Born to folks who don’t quite get it. I made a comment on another person's blog that she wasn't NUDE in complexion and received more hate than I was prepared for. Well this is my blog. I do as I please. So follow me on this and examine if this applies to you.

When I was child, my mother used to buy NUDE pantyhose in the egg. I often wondered why she bought pantyhose in that color because it wasn’t a color match to her legs. It was too light. In my youth I made the assumption that that was all that was offered to the grown ladies, since I was only given the option of white pantyhose. I assumed that I would grow up and be forced to wear those light stockings that all the women I ever saw in church wear.

Another thing older folks can bear witness too is Band-Aids. Band-Aids come NUDE as well. And where as you may not see Band-Aids on some people; you will see Band-Aids on me and other folks. The individual that came up with clear Band-Aids needs to win a Nobel prize for the peaceful inclusion of folks into the Band-Aid ciphers.

So now that the NUDE trend is back, I really need to explain how that works for people of color….. Don’t call shoes NUDE if they don’t match you skin color. If they don’t match, then they are just beige. And don’t think that you can get away with matching these beige shoes with any outfit. You can’t if you aren’t beige. Why is this not self explanatory?

You want to wear NUDE footwear or hosiery? Then find one that is a skin color match to you. Me, personally, I’m ‘French Coffee.” When I would wear those hose to church, my mother would come and touch my legs to make sure I had hose on. (I am so glad those days are gone!!!!) She couldn’t understand why I would chose to have my legs be the color they are. Folks wouldn’t be sure if I had pantyhose one and talk behind my back. If that was all they had to talk about, then I was in good shape. Mommie would even suggest I bleach said pantyhose so that I wouldn’t waste my money. I retaliated by wearing the loudest pantyhose I could find. Striped, leopard, fluorescent colors….. That way everyone and my mother would know I had pantyhose on. After a season of that, I never had that conversation with any of the old church ladies again.

And if I was to get some shoes that match me, they would be BROWN!!!!

Doesn't work!!! This ain't a trend for her.

White women wearing NUDE shoes... It works because it was designed for white women.



Shawnta said...

Ok I am sooooo guilty of this. I only have one pair of beige shoes and I wore them bishes with everything. I know I'm not AS glaringly not beige as JHud but still. I feel so silly for believing that hype. Thankfully I tripped and scuffed(i.e. ripped off the top layer of the patient leather) so I haven't worn them in a while.