Monday, November 28, 2011



What? You feeling spoiled? I don’t post on the weekends. But that’s normally when I can do the work. Then when I get back to work, I post my thoughts. Who new I was going to have so many thoughts today?

We all know that you should never drive while drunk or even tipsy. You shouldn’t text while driving too. But did you know you shouldn’t sew while dieting?

Ok…. In the last build, I said I had been dieting. I lost 22lbs on the hCg diet. You can see it too. That was the promise of the diet. Weight loss you can see. Anywho…. The sewing urge got too strong to resist. I wanted to make something for me. M6438 fit the build.

Let me give you the back story on this…. I was watching some Pam Grier movie. And she was wearing a full circle beige skirt, a beige jacket, a green shirt with a pussy bow and some brown boots. Pam kicked ass in that outfit in that movie (I cannot remember which one, but I remember the outfit!). I want to kick ass too. I already own a beige corduroy jacket and the boots. I made the green blouse last year. All I need is the circle skirt. (Am I the only one that watches movies with a sketch pad?) That is where M6438 came in.

Now for the Bull….. I measured myself around the waist. That is the part that would determine size for me. Even though it broke my heart, I needed to add 10 inches to the waist for the garment to fit… ACORDING TO THE JACK LEGGED DIRECTIONS!!!!! And with tears in my eyes, I did. Size ain’t nothing but a number, right? Also, the dress needed to be cut on the bias. More Bull. I had 4 yards of 45” beige corduroy. This shouldn’t be a problem for 1 skirt right? AND I shortened the dress 10”. I’m not tall but I needed the skirt to still be appropriately long. Y’all know I have rules and regulations with regards to my dress.

I ran out of fabric. It was that bias cutting. That was a complete waste of fabric. The quilt pile is lousy with beige corduroy now. ***Deep Breath*** I get another yard and a ½ (y’all lucky I had a coupon!) and finish cutting my dress.

I have never had a garment come together so easily. I did not have to pull out “oh ye seam ripper” once. It went together in 30 minutes. I let is hang overnight before I hemmed it. I don’t really know why. But somewhere, sometime, someone told me to do that. I hemmed it in the morning. I wanted to wear my Pam Grier outfit to the Parliament. The easiest machine hem I ever did. Once all the way around. I never even ran out of bobbin thread. Even the button holes were ez-pz.

Guess what. The damn skirt is too big. By about 10 inches! Now I know I lost 22lbs. But I know I didn’t lose 22lb from my waist. I took before and after measurements. My waist went down about 5”. And I cut that skirt while dieting; not before. That joker should have fit. You know what that tells me? That the envelope lies. If the envelope lies then why even bother with it? I suppose they are in cohoots with the fabric industry forcing folks to do muslins or get wadders. I could have cut it as is at the biggest size and been fine…. Busters! Now I’m a have to take my dress completely apart, cut 8” off of it and re sew it. All that easiness I experienced will in vain.

My plan is to take the waistband off, then cut the middle seam 4”. That saves me from having to rip the front and back and remove the zipper. That’s where I added the extra in the 1st place. The waist band will have to be recut. Shortening it will throw off the dimensions. Good thing I have all that extra fabric.

Y’all know I have recently in the last few years come around to patterns. They aren’t free and they aren’t cheap. They need to not lie. If it says it fits a waist of a certain inch, them damnit it should fit that! I ain’t happy. I should have been able to wear this outfit this week. It literally falls off when I put it on. And that is the reason why there is no picture of said skirt on me.

All in all.... I don't hate the design of the skirt. Now that I know how it does me, I will make the needed adjustments. I actually want a loose skirt in jersey knit for a road trip I'm planning in the future.



Sheila said...

The upside of it all ... at least it wasn't too small. You will still have your pam grier skirt once you make the alterations... now go kick some a&&

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I will Sheila and have a photo shoot to boot with me looking like Foxy Coffee Brown! Queue the 70's music.....