Monday, November 28, 2011

Man Sewing


I know I have been telling you guys that I have been sewing. But I have offered no proof of it! I have been on the hCg diet for the last month and some change so I haven’t been trying to sew for myself. I did a bunch of alterations for the God and made him a few goodies.

Every time I go near a thrift shop, I feel compelled to stop. Not for clothes (though sometimes). But for patterns. I like vintage patterns but I am unwilling to pay more than what I’d pay for a new pattern. Folks kill me with that isht. They inherit grandma’s old patterns for free and want to get rich or die trying to make a profit. I’m not saying give them away, but don’t gouge folks either. All the vintage patterns I own came from the thrift store for 10 cents a pieces (where did the cents icon go on keyboards?). When I teach people how to sew, I encourage them to buy thrift store patterns and sheets to get started. And I won’t teach another person who doesn’t have their own machine. You aren’t serious without one. But I digress….

So I picked up M4223. I’m thinking it might be OOP, because it’s from 1974. So technically it’s either vintage or retro. The pattern is nearly 40 years old! All the pieces were present. and I LOVE that it was already cut in the size I wanted! XL! Now, the God is not a wide dude; actually he is very skinny if you saw him sans clothes. But he is a tall and long. He is 6’5” and has freakishly long arms and legs and wide shoulders. He is VERY lucky I sew. I have wanted to make clothes for him but (a) he doesn’t really need any, (b) he puts the flag on EVERYTHING I ever make for him (reminds me of Laverne and Shirley and that “L”) and (c) he and I don’t have the same esthetic. Everything he wants, earns the fisheye from me and vice versa. But he liked M4223.

I had just enough navy blue stretch corduroy in my stash to make it. I’m also concerned about where that fabric came from in the 1st place. I cannibalized a zipper from an old pair of pants I use as a muslin for his long legs. (The man is skinny! But don’t tell him that. He thinks he’s sexy). I went on and made him the top to satisfy the sick sewing craving. When he looked at the finished garment, he was so excited he made plans for future projects. He said that he was afraid of me sewing for him because he thought the finished items would look homemade. I asked him if my clothes looked homemade. He said some of them. (WTF?) Turns out, it’s not the start to finish garments but the re-fashions. I can live with that. I don’t do many re-fashions anymore. I converted a lot of pants to skirts when I stopped wearing pants.
Not the best image. But I was snapping pictures on my cell at 5:30 am before leaving the house for work. Cut me some slack please. And that is a small flag.

After the blue M4223 was made. My HoneyDo surprised me with 6 yards of camouflage fleece to make an entire outfit. Camouflage fleece? Really? I made another M4223 and then made NL 6634 pants. I put elastic at the bottom because he wanted sweatpants and deleted the cargo pocket. I suppose I removed the pocket because I have an aversion to cargo pants. You would too if you owned my hips. But now I’m thinking I maybe should have left them. These pants aren’t for me; he wouldn’t look hippy with cargo pockets. I did add regular pockets to the pants. I suppose cargo pants would have been more him. Oh well it’s done now and he is happy as a pig in poop. Of course he added 3 flags to the camo outfit. SMH. I am a little annoyed because he used all the big flags. I wanted one for a denim jacket I have. I was waiting to borrow my friend’s bedazzler. The elder God who sold me the flags is now back in Now Why. Oh well…

The pants are on the left of the screen and the top is on the right. Those are the bigger flags.