Thursday, December 1, 2011

Concrete Gray 101


This is my 1st time building on my nails. But I just love the polish so much I had to share…..

A month or so ago, I was watching HSN. Queen Latifah was showing her “Queen Collection.” I watched the entire 2 hours. Not because I wanted any of that stuff (I don’t), but because I fell mesmerized by the color on her nails. I was a gray that was creamy, not mat, not dark not light. I had never seen a color like it. It’s all I could talk about while it was on. I was even trying to snap pictures of it. I still have about a half an hour still on the DVR. Precise thinks I am crazy.

I set out to find that polish. My nail shop does not carry colors I like. And I usually bring my own polish in there unless I’m doing an American manicure. I wasn’t disappointed to find they didn’t have it. What completely shocked me was that I did manage to find the gray color but it was an OPI brand. That joint was $8.99. I ain’t paying that for nail polish. The nail tech heard my rant on the price and said…. If I went ahead and bought it, she would take the price off my service if I left it there. Unfortunately, we had a parting of company before I could take her up on that offer. I only want the manager to do my nails and if she is busy I am unwilling to let the other folks do them. They take too long and do a poor job. So…….

Mommie and I went shopping and I wanted to stop at this new beauty supply store. The store used to be a former JCP. I thought they would only be using a part of the store. Nope. They used the whole damned building!!!!! And it’s packed with more weave than I have ever seen in my life in one place. And I have seen a LOT of weave in my day. They had a big nail polish selection (how could they not?). And guess what I found? Yeah baby!!!! Kleancolor’s Concrete gray101. I’m happy as a fat kid with cake!

Why did the new nail tech try to steal my polish?



Sheila said...

Great color. Currently, I am leaning towards the gelish polish process and of course doing it myself.

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I used to be able to do my own nails. And did them for about 5 years. I could never get my right hand right. so I just gave up the ghost.