Monday, November 8, 2010

Here She Comes.... shoulda been posted before today


After all the hullaballo about me losing my mojo and finishing up all these unfinished projects laying around my sewing room. After all of that... I have the nerve and unmitigated gall to be at a complete loss with where to go next. Insanity.

My born day is on Wednesday. Yes I will be Culture Cipher years old. Yeesh. I had a nice day planned with the God. Culminating in a nice dinner and movie to celebrate. And guess what? I have to go sit for a deposition! Damn!

I was hit from behind. My car was 6 days old. I was sitting at a stop light waiting to turn left when a car full of people hit me from behind. My car was 6 days old. It was an open and shut case. My car was 6 days old. I had to go to traffic court (and miss a 1/2 day at work in addition to missing work the day it happened). He hit me from behind. I didn't do anything wrong. My car was 6 days old. The insurance company needs to anty up for my damages. My car was 6 days old. But they are fighting me every step of the way. Just settle already! My car was 6 days old!

Guess when the deposition is scheduled for? You guessed it. Next Wednesday. Crap! I was off that day. I was planning to make a party dress for my outing. Now I think I should ammend that to make a cute outfit to wear to the deposition. I know I can still go out after ward, but it is the principle of the whole thing. And I'm not wearing a party dress to a deposition. But what does one wear? I want to look honest. I have been planning to sew a black and white printed skirt and a green blouse. That might be deposition cute. But I still need my party dress for the evening. Decisons decisions.

I will figure this out. Stay tuned