Monday, November 8, 2010

Mojo.... BACK


I don't know how and I don't know why, but my sewing mojo has returned and returned with a vengeance!

Wednesday is my physical degree born day. I will be Culture Cipher. Yeesh. Doesn't even sound right. But one of my own personal traditions is that I treat myself to a new outfit for that day. Normally I store buy something, But this year, I believe I will wear one of the new skirts, if I don't complete my party dress. And the likelihood that I will complete my party dress is low... very low; but you never know....

Yesterday I made 2 skirts! And not from patterns that I had already cut out. Nope. I made them from scratch. (Cut pattern, cut fabric sewed them up) And I didn't start until 3 pm and broke to cook and eat dinner and watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

One skirt was just a refashion from a pair of pants. I stopped wearing pants 5 years ago. Not for religious reasons. I have this aggressive tomboy streak that gets me confused for a lesbian. Though there is nothing wrong with lesbians, I am NOT one. I noticed that I behave decidedly more feminine when I wear skirts/dresses rather than pants. So I stopped wearing them. Hoping my inner girly-girl would take over. And she did!

The pants came from a box of my late husbands clothes. I have no idea how they got mixed in with his clothes. In the box I found a gold sweater suit that I remember loving! But of course, it was a pantsuit; and it had the nerve to be unwashed! Well not anymore. The suit got washed and the pants got converted to a below the knee (3/4ths) skirt that I am currently wearing as I type this. This quick project reminded me of why I don't like to fool around with sweater material. Still looks nice though. The God said I looked like his professional Earth this morning.

Aside....***PET PEEVE ALERT*** I do not work in a corporate environment. I dress 'business casual.' I hate when people see me in the occasional suit and say, "You look professional today." that's some bull. I look professional EVERY day. I just don't wear a suit every day. Suits aren't the only career-wear available. And I resent people insisting that women should dress like men to be taken seriously. That's that inner girly-girl bitching. Back to the build....

The second of my projects was a Simplicity skirt whose pattern I scored at a $1.99 Hancock's sale. While scouring all my blogs, I found 2 sistas/sisters who sew and one of their projects inspired me. It was of a Black and white printed skirt with a green blouse. The skirt was so plain, I didn't think I needed a pattern for it. And I might not have needed it, but since I had it I used it. I actually bought the pattern for the blouse. I am bad with blouses and jackets but not dresses. Go figure.

The thing that had me worried was I knew I only had 2 yards of the black and white fabric (I was also concerned that the fabric might be a lining fabric, but the store didn't give me guidance and the fabric is very heavy, though silky/slimy). The store in which I purchased it has closed it's doors. I suspect they've moved. This store does that... A lot. Anywho... The back of the pattern called for 3 yards for the skirt. And I knew I would have to grade it up 2 sizes. I was worried that 2 yards wasn't going to be enough. BUT... The fabric was deep. Meaning, the length and not the measured part was deep. I ain't crazy I checked before I cut it; and it worked out. The only thing I screwed up was the band. It came short about 3 inches. I graded the skirt, but forgot to grade the band. SWS. Sewing while sleepy. And I didn't have enough fabric and interfacing to do it over. So I improvised. I added a tie with french seams so it looks deliberate. I showed it to the God and he doesn't even see where I boo booed. Cool. He says it looks like me, whatever that means.

I did not begin work on born day party dress yet. The pattern is cut and the fabric is on the bedroom sofa. That's how I start. I will need to have it done by Wednesday evening and the only thing I will do on Wednesday other than chill, is the deposition at 9am. We shall see how things progress. I'm not forcing my self to rush it. When I rush I make mistakes.

So my new garment to wear probably will be my new black and white printed skirt! I'm thinking, I'll wear it with a black turtleneck and some boots. I can also wear it with a hot pink turtle neck and a black sweater cardigan I got from a previous born day. But the deposition paperwork says to dress conservatively.

On another note, The robe I made for the God is a big hit! Not just with my God but with the righteous community as well. Who knew? God posted it on Facebook and now a lot of men want one. Y'all know I don't like sewing for others but I will make righteous apparel for others. Not for any other reason but I want to see our Nation grow. And if I can be a vehicle for that, I will suck up personal discomfort to see that happen. The God even set up a PayPal account and we are flirting with getting an Etsy account.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this in this blog before, or even out loud... But... I want to start a clothing line for modest urban women. I know I struggled the first year with how I dressed when I got KOS. I wanted to reflect, but I didn't want to look different than myself. I have finally figured it out, but since I sew I would like to assist other women and make some money at the same time. I used to date a dude who put out a short lived clothing line. I wish we were on better terms so that I could ask him how he did it. I am currently clueless. I have the business plan, clothes, designs even a logo, but no ideas how to progress from that point.

So... If you want a righteous robe... it's $50 from scratch, $20 for me to put a flag on a pre-existing robe and $35 if you supply me the material. Also, I can add a flag to anything that you have that you want a flag added to for the same $20. Remember I was going to add a flag to a denim jacket, but the jacket shrunk. Yeah, it's the jacket's fault.

I need to hit the lottery!