Monday, November 22, 2010



When I 1st came back to this Nation, I came by myself (2:36). I had been exposed to it in the 80's but it took 20 years to accept. You would think that during that 20 years of consideration, I would have given thought to how I was gonna display my Understanding of the Culture (3/4) but I never gave it any thought. 2008 found me righteous but no clue with the whats and hows to cover my body.

The ironic part about the whole situation was, I knew how I DIDN'T want to rock 3/4ths. I didn't want to look too out there and I didn't want to look like a Mormon. So logic would have me observe Muslim women. And to some degree I liked how they displayed modesty. They were often very stylish in their dress, and it is frequently expensive, but it wasn't right for me. The head coverings are too much, they wear make up and pants. I don't. So it wasn't a perfect fit. What I took from them was the pride that they how they dressed and the desire to be chic. I want people to 1 and 3 that I do this because I want to, not because someone is forcing me.

Next I observed Rastafarian women. Their style was too ethnic for me. Not saying there is nothing wrong with ethnic. I am not self employed. I work in a business environment and I need to reflect that. Not that I don't do ethnic, just not at work. And face it, I'm either at work or I'm at home in bed. There is only the weekend for ethnic and clothes to relax in. The best part taken from Rastas is theres nothing wrong with comfort and ethnicity, but there is a time and a place for it.

But.... I never thought about Jewish women. Hmmmmm....

I am from northern NJ. A Jewish Mecca. There was a Hebrew school around the corner form where I grew up. I went to dental school (a very Jewish vocation) and have worked in the dental industry since I have been grown. I am familiar with their customs and observations. I can even speak a little Yiddish. I know Jews. Not to take anything away from Jewish culture. I'm just saying. I knew they had a dress code for their ladies. But some of it is very surprisingly familiar.

Tznius.... that is the name for the women's dress code. Literally it means "modest." Orthodox Jewish women cover themselves from collar to elbow to knee. After marriage they cover their heads. There are 3 ways I've seen this done.... (1) Scarf or snood, (2) hat or (3) wig. Sounds familiar does it not? The goal is to be attractive but not attracting. I can dig this. This had me reaching out to my FB friends from the old days asking them to explain some of the particulars. Sounds very close to our philosophy. A lot of Jewish women had been observant around me without me even knowing. Bingo!

The God... or should I say The G-D.... just kidding.... said that 2:14 and 4:14 says that Musa went to the devil and brought them laws in which to civilize and govern themselves accordingly. And since Musa was a 1/2 Original man, who was taught by Original people that their laws could be similar to ours. So it's not me imitating them but me reclaiming what's mine. I'm going to take the best part.

One funny thing is it is making me reach in the depth of my hind parts to recall all the Yiddish I used to know. Without it, it is hard to follow the sources of my information. I used to work with this one Jewish dentist who patient pool was nearly all Jewish and they spoke mainly Yiddish in the office. This was in Teaneck, NJ so of course they spoke English... for me. I was completely lost at first and they found this highly entertaining. But I'm a smart girl and picked it right on up. I just never used it quite right. So it was still entertaining. It's always good to learn the language and customs of the people around you. It lets you know when an ambush is being planned. That's all I have to say about them people.