Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Simplicity 2497


this was supposed to be a Bornday frock. But.... I didn't end up going anywhere or doing anything. So I changed my plans a bit. Where I was going to do version D in aubergine for my Bornday, I am working version C for "Should have let them starve" day, more commonly known as Thanksgiving. Not sure where I'm spending the day but I also plan to where to the rally on Sunday. so it will get worn, and probably to work next week.

Sons of Anarchy was on and I didn't want to fall asleep before it finished or came on. So, your girl started cutting the pattern. I had already cut version D. The only thing that's consistent across all the versions was the skirt and belt. I had only expected to finish the pattern but I cut the fabric as well. so whats left is putting everything together. I did add 4 inches in total to everything. All the pattern reviews say that the bodice is big. We'll see. I also cut out pockets. I never add pockets. I'm growing.

Here is what the fabric looks like. I know it looks like a 70's sofa or a tablecloth but I love it. and it was dirt cheap. If I spend the holiday with my people, I'll be cute, though probably not happy.