Friday, November 19, 2010


Peace Y'all

I just learned something that will change my sewing for the better.... Full Bust Adjustments or FBAs

The reason I started sewing in the 1st place was because my mother had given up on trying to fit my small body with big assed titties. I got womanly hard and early. I wear a 40J cup currently at 5'3". It was a 34DDD at age 13 and under 5'. It's a wonder I can stand erect without falling over. I knew that if I wanted to be cute (and I do/did), I had to do something drastic. The sewing machine was my drastic.

I still had the problem with patterns. I hated spending all this time and energy on something that didn't fit. That's why I learned to sew by eye. And I'm good and creative with alterations. I was making it work before Tim Gunn made it popular. But I never new anything about a FBA of a pattern. I'm encouraged. I have been Googling these techniques all morning.

My next project if I can ever get going is going to be awesome!