Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Stashless


I don’t have a big fabric stash. I don’t have those hoarding tendencies. And it’s just not my philosophy to acquire fabric because it’s pretty and/or I want it. When I decide to make a garment part of the process for me is choosing the fabric and notions all together. But that’s me.

If you read the blogs and Pattern Review, you will learn that a LOT of people approach this from the opposite direction. The see fabric they like and buy it. I don’t get it. I mean how do you know how much to buy if you just buy at will. You either buy too much or too little. And either way that will piss you off. I might buy undecided fabric if the sale is ridiculous. I might change my mind or my plans change. I might run out of time. So I do have a small stash. And what small stash I have, I never use. Just doesn't fit in.

Also…. I don’t sew like my blog people. I don’t do this every day. I make clothes to wear clothes. If I’m good, then I don’t sew. I rarely do things purpose-less. I blame my mother for that. She did not allow hobbies in the house when we were growing up. She said she wasn’t throwing her money away. If we wanted hobbies, we had to finance them ourselves. Since little people don’t have jobs, I have few hobbies. I don’t know how to develop them or how they should run course. Oh well.

Just felt like sharing….