Monday, January 31, 2011

What's Next


It has been a long time since I blogged anything regarding sewing. That’s because I have put all sewing on hold. I have thrown my hat into crown creation for Allah’s Garden.

I have made 35 crown and sold 15. I did not expect this to be a lucrative business venture, but I am glad that I’m in the black because I made my start up money back. I have a few custom orders to make but other than that, I’m going to chill. I was making 2 crowns per work night and then a bunch on off days. There was a rally yesterday; the Father’s Degree Celebration will be on the Knowledge Born day of February and then the rally at the end of next month. Yeah, my crown making is slowed way down. So…. Back to my sewing!!!

I have plans for the summer. The warm weather the southeast just got over the weekend did nothing but help me pull my thoughts together. Also the sale flyer from Hancocks helped too! Every week of February Hancocks will be having a sale on patterns. The dirt cheap sales. Patterns as cheap as they ever get. I have my list ready. Mostly Vogue. Vogue never goes on sale under $4. But that beat the regular prices. All the others will have their $1 days. I plan to be there when said events happen.

My favorite fabric store closed. Phoey! They had been there for over 20 years and they decide to close now? That place was only open 3 days a week and it was full every time I went in there. But they are the best knowers of what they can handle….. So I will go to my 2nd favorite fabric store and load up on white and beige fabric. They will be the foundations of my summer wardrobe!!!

Now here is the other thing, the hippy in me has been bitching for sometime that I have too many clothes. But the little Catholic school girl, with the cheap mother, in me who used to get teased for wearing the same clothes over and over again says, “Noooooooooo! We have to keep those clothes!!!!” I’m almost sure that it’s going to go down like this. I am going to nearly completely get rid of all my summer clothes and start from scratch.

What I’m planning for the wardrobe is 3 dresses and 2 suits that fall in the beige and white color scheme. Choosing those neutral colors mean that I can add on all kinds of garments and they will match the skeleton. I already have shoes and bags to match. Next fall I will do nearly the same thing. And then maybe I can walk in my closet! Like I said, I’m not certain, but everyday I’m seeing the value in that. I have a LOT of clothes that I simply don’t need.