Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pattern Convert


With great humility I must make this confession…. I am a pattern convert.

For the better part of my sewing Koran I have stayed away from patterns and free styled my isht. Unfortunately that left me doing projects only sparingly. Mostly alterations and things for the house. The reason behind my pattern phobia was me making garments from patterns as a teenager and them not fitting well, or at all. Yes I could alter them down to fit, but what was the point? That’s like buying a ready made garment and having to fix things on it. Why bother with them at all. Also, my father taught me how to sew (his mother taught him) and he nor my grandmother ever used patterns. We just would look at a garment and bootleg it.

I had a friend who tried repeatedly to convince me that patterns were not evil. Tried hard too. I bought a few patterns made a few garments that again didn’t fit. As we built about it, she asked me what adjustments and alterations I had made in the pattern. Huh? Patterns can be altered? WOW! The next garment I made, I kept my eye on the proportions and made a few adjustments. It came out perfect. Then I tried making adjustments on the next pattern. That came out great too. Sew now…. Patterns is what I do…..! And I owe it all to you…….! Actually Jeanenne.

I thought I had freedom before but now, I love both ways! And I don’t even stop with adjustments on 1 pattern. It is not unusual for me to merge different patterns together and ‘Frankenstein’ a garment. I add this and take that away. And the beauty is, if I need to make an additional garment I can because I already have a template. I don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

Yeah I love patterns now. Thank you Jeanenne!