Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meet Serenity

Peace From the South East!

As I was looking over this blog, I realize that I talk about Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths, but never did I explain what it means to be Earth and why I dress the way I do. Some of y’all may be unfamiliar with the whys and hows so let me make Knowledge born….

In this Culture (that’s what we call our chosen lifestyle), the women are called Earths. Women in this Culture do everything the planet Earth does and that is how we came across our designation. Just as the planet Earth is covered 75% with water, true and living Earths cover themselves 75% or 3/4ths (as it is officially called) with clothing. This is why I lengthen most of my Skirts/dresses and wear my head covered.

3/4th is the rule, but I determine how I express it. For example, I don’t wear pants abroad. That is my personal expression. I stopped wearing pants years ago. Other Earths wear pants. If I all my body was covered by, say, a long skirt, a long sleeved top and some boots; I could uncover my head if I chose to. I don’t choose to wear my head uncovered when I am abroad. But since the rule has built in flexibility, should I need to… like say I’m in someone’s wedding and they don’t want my head covered….. then I could do this.. I have seen Earths wear halter tops. I personal cannot do this; my boobs are too big for that. I will wear a skirt that comes to the knee if I’m wearing something to compensate like a jacket or boots. See? It’s about percentages.

I don’t wear makeup either. There is no rule that says I can’t. Well maybe. But I don’t feel its right. Folks wear makeup to make themselves look other than their own selves. How can I proclaim that the Original Black woman is the most beautiful of all and cover up said beauty with makeup? I embrace the ‘own selfness’ of it all. I see Earths at the Show and Prove (our annual convention) rocking full face and weave. I don’t. Recently I have found that most makeups contain pork by-products. A NGE no no. I'm thinking make up is gone forever. But.....

Earths display their Understanding of this Culture in many ways. A lot of Earths appear to be very earthy and hippy-esque with their dress. I work in a business environment and I’m now in my 40’s; so for me, dressing like that isn’t going to work for me. I sort of dress the way older Earths dress. I’m okay with that. Plus… I’m vain. I’ve always been vain and I don’t plan on changing. Knowledge of Self only reinforced my vanity. I love wearing good clothes that make me look awesome. I love Vogue magazine and will bootleg anything I see in there at will. When younger Earths see me, they think because I’m overweight I should look bad. Ummm…. Emphatically No! I’m my Daddy’s daughter. That foolishness doesn’t touch me. I’m fly all day long.

It is my personal opinion that a lot of Earths take the 3/4th as an excuse to not dress well. I am from northern NJ. I know plenty of Earths. I had decades of interest in the Nation before I joined it. One of the reasons I held back was because I didn’t want to be forced to look like a Rastafarian or Mormon woman. No offense to those individuals, but that isn’t my style. Even after truly joining, I was still a bit weirded out about my personal style. I tried the bohemian look, but it looked on me like a costume and I didn’t feel comfortable. There is still a REALLY bad pic on MySpace somewhere with me in it look like a beached whale in hippy blue. I decided to reclaim my look on my own terms and that is the essence of what this Nation is all about. Doing me. Being the best me possible.

If you have any questions about me or my Nation hit me up via email at Don’t send me anything at the yahoo email in the Facebook widget. It’s a dump email address.

(That’s how we come and go)
Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth