Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Snow-cation


Last week, Atlanta had the embarassment of being overwhelmed by 4 inches of snow. They should be a-damn-shamed of themselves. The locals are saying, "Well, we aren't used to this type of weather." Like that is some kind of excuse. Umm... It snowed 4 times last year. The difference between last year and this year, was the snow melted with in 2 days. I suppose they had hoped for the same. It didn't happen. I was out of work for 4 days because the snow and ice frightened my boss and our patients. As a child, I would have had to walk to school in weather like that. Four days is a lot of work to miss. I had to use my vacation to cover it. I guess my boss missed the memo that he is supposed to pay for inclement weather closing.

Anywho.... Even though I knew snow was predicted, I didn't expect for these southern people to lose it like they did. I didn't have anything to sew. I didn't have anything to read. So I made the most of my cabin fever. I made nearly 20 crowns.

Crowns are head wear for the men in Allah's 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. They are essentially beanies with a tassel. You would think men would be lousy with them. For some reason they aren't and I don't know or get why. Maybe it has something to do with how people look down on all the talents it takes to be a good homemaker. But we aren't supposed to fall victim to that type of savage Wisdom. But I will do my part as said person of that ability to make them available for Gods who want them.

I crochet, but it's not how I sew. I'm not uber proficient. But I was by the time I got to my 3rd crown. Luckily the God claimed the 1st few. I'm grateful for this crown experience because I am starting to re-connect with my hooks. I find it an enjoyable way to pass hours. I can listen to the tell-lie-vision as well as the radio. I can build with the God. I can multitask. I'm wondering what else I can do with these hooks?

I'm going to be a great grandmother!