Monday, April 25, 2011

The Letter "H"

(Possibly the Opposite of) Peace,

This post is brought to you by the letter H.

H stands for HATE. That is what I feel for all non-McCalls patterns.

This weekend I wanted to put to bed all the the SWAP sewing that I had planned to do for the challenges I'm in. And I did complete everything I wanted to do for now. But it wasn't easy. Yesterday morning I realized why it was so sucky. Because I HATE all non-McCalls patterns!

You know I'm a pattern convert. I have been sewing consistently with patterns for the last 2-3 years. Before that, it was hit and miss pattern use with more patternless garments. I realize that I do more sewing with patterns than I did without. My dream of a completely self-sewn wardrobe is more of a possibility with patterns. So I'm okay with using them now. Let's get started....

A few of the reasons why I love McCall patterns so much is because they are easy to follow, easy to adjust, easy to understand and are stylish. They haven't given me the business the way the other 3 have. And you realize I am speaking about the others of the "Big 4."

I love vogue patterns too. They are some of the most stylish patterns. The clothes in the books and envelopes are simply stunning. Vogue has the most difficult to understand directions of any pattern I have ever tried. If I'm sitting clueless surrounded by pattern pieces and I look like I'm ready to punch someone in the eye... You can bet I'm working on a Vogue pattern. Pure annoyance. I suppose the more I work with them the more used to them I will become.... I suppose. I was sitting at the book table in Hancocks joking around with another sewist who said that her sister REFUSED to work with Vogue patterns. I know why.

Simplicity is another pattern house that has confusing directions. But I find their measurements off too. You know where you are supposed to measure your self at a specific point to determine what size you are? Yeah.. that some BS with these folks. You can't try them on to make sure they fit. I suppose I can make muslins but... no. I 'm not. I'm going to need for a pattern company to make accurate measurement if they want me as a customer. The directions are so confusing that I have made repeat dresses and have gotten confused. That says a a lot for the directions....

My big complaint about Butterick is that the designs are old looking. But don't think that's the only ting wrong with them. Their sizing is off and their directions are bad as well. But since the clothes are so 'old lady" it doesn't matter because you don't need the directions.

I have just a few Kwik Sews. I only made one of them. And when I finished that garment, it looked like the envelope picture, but it was still ugly. I remade it using a different fabric and it looked like hospital scrubs. So that's good to know that if I need to make hospital scrubs I can go over there.

I have a Nu Look pattern for a summer sheath dress. I haven't made it yet so I can't speak on it and all it's glory. I have never made a burda pattern. I'm not sure I want to. Those clothes don't appeal to me much.

Yeah. I'm a McCalls girl. That's good to know, It cuts down on the foolishness.