Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who Knew?


One of my goals since I started sewing again in earnest was to have a wardrobe of clothes that I made. Another was to decrease my wardrobe by 2/3rds. Yet another was to have a season-less wardrobe. 2 out of 3 ain't bad!

I recently swapped out my winter for summer clothes. Normally I have to sit on the trunk to close it. Not this time. It closes with no problems. I used to have 2 trunks. 1 exploded about 2 years ago and I just have 1. And on the remaining trunk, one of the latches is broken; yet that hasn't stopped it from closing flush. I'm decreasing. I suppose it helps that I stopped retail shopping. I always donate clothes that I can't envision myself wearing again. So my closet is finally coming down.

Also.... I was looking through the summer clothes that made it out of the trunk on to hangers and I must proudly admit, most of them are my creations! I feel like a proud mother. And as I dressed this morning in a blouse that I made, I realized that I wear something I made almost daily! It's ridiculous how happy and satisfied that makes me. How many regular everyday people can say that?

I have been and still am under the weather. I managed to get some of my SWAP and over the top sewing done. I need to complete just one more skirt and I will be able to post my progress on one of the the challenge websites.

So tonight I will juice an onion and drink a healthy does of brandy so that tomorrow I will awake bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'm finishing up.

Who knew I was this close to attaining my goals? Why didn't I?