Sunday, April 3, 2011

McCall's 6069


Well... Here is my 1st top.

This is the front. and this is the back.

There is belt in there but you can't see it. Boobs and belly. Oh well.... That's a different blog. Cool thing about this pattern is I didn't have to do a FBA. It fit the biggest size as is. Also, because it has so many colors it will be easy to pair with skirts. This was my 1st time making a cowl neck. This pattern called for one in the front as well as the back. I don't care for the back one. People behind me will be able to see my bra if I'm sitting and they are standing. Next time I make this pattern I will adjust the back to be normal.

I have a question.... Since this is a "top" challenge, does that mean I cannot make a jacket? My spring summer sewing includes a jacket and a vest. I wonder If they can be included in the challenge.